Resources for Writers

Here’s a list of resources I’ve used and found helpful.

Websites:  MUST read before you query!! Take the quiz! This is useful for not only superhero novels.

Videos:  Video footage of the writing class instructed by author Brandon Sanderson


The Elements of Style, by E. B. White and William Strunk, Jr. (A must read!)

On Writing, by Stephen King

Plot and Structure, by James Scott Bell

My Video Blog:


Moth & Rust

Moth & Rust


         Moth and Rust begins within the confines of a gated city, where Eve fights for a future as a physician in one of America’s last universities. Beyond the gates an unsafe country wanes with poverty and desperation. Abroad, an incessant war over scarce resources has begun, threatening to reach American soil. Amidst the turmoil, weakened nations fall victim to a clandestine organization whose leader intends to eliminate the excess population and select those fit to carry humankind into the future. When the organization takes hold of Eve’s city, guards collect its inhabitants. Eve is thrown into a vicious competition for survival in which her compassion has no place, and she is forced to re-examine the distinction between good and evil, human and animal, until an unexpected encounter with one of the guards changes the prospect of her future. Faced with the choice to escape, she embarks on a dangerous journey to reclaim freedom, finding love in the face of loss, and hope in the face of despair.