Emory, a princess living in the lavish palace of Tryn, must marry to secure the future of her kingdom, but she yearns to see the world beyond her home. Her father warns her of the growing tensions between neighboring kingdoms, so she instead resorts to old books to quench her curiosity. There, she reads of an ancient mystery about her kingdom. She worries she may never find answers to the questions it presents, until an unexpected guest arrives in Tryn. He offers her the explanations she seeks, and also claims a curse is to blame for impending wars between kingdoms. While the leaders of Tryn dismiss his claims, Emory believes him; in hopes of ending the curse, she runs away from her home to follow him. But when he is mysteriously killed, Emory finds herself alone in desperate lands, more dangerous than she ever imagined. Before she can decide her next step, she encounters a sinister power and is ensnared in a menacing plot to destroy her world. She must rely on her faith in new-found friends and the knowledge of the great mystery to prevent war and make it home alive.


I’ve finished several drafts of this novel and am currently submitting to literary agencies.

image reference: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dr_ozda/3409012448


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